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Online yoga in a small space

Ideally a student needs to be able to place their webcam about 8ft away from them and as far as possible facing the long edge of their mat.

As time has gone on I have had more and more students attending online classes where space is too restricted to allow this. In all cases to date this has proved acceptable though it could be problematic with a new student with no prior experience of yoga. What it means in practice is that I cannot see as well what a student is doing in class as I would like to. Think for example how much I am going to be able to see if the short edge of your mat is directly towards your webcam and you come up into bridge or dog posture.

One clever solution to this problem has been found by a student who uses a clamp for her iPad affixed to a shelf on a small corner cupboard high up in her sitting room:

This allows me to see her clearly in her snug sitting room filled with sofas. I actually get a better view of her than any other online student in most postures since the webcam is looking down on her and gives a view akin to the view I get in a face to face class of a student. This is the view I get when she is in crocodile twist, for example:

Here is a link to the bracket she uses:

Please note that whilst there are lots of other brackets available many of them can be quite flimsy. We know that this one works and can easily be turned through 90 degrees which is necessary when tablet users come up to standing for me to still see them properly. Please also check that any bracket you are considering buying will work with your iPad or other tablet. Many of the brackets pre-date the latest generation of 12 inch plus tablets and may not open sufficiently wide to support these (the one listed above says it does).