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Weedon Old Schoolroom Yoga

I hweedon_hall.pngave been teaching in Weedon Old Schoolroom since 2005 apart from the pandemic when I took my private yoga classes online.

Weedon is 4 miles north of Aylesbury and 8.5 miles south of Winslow, just off the A413.

This is an attractive old hall with a nice wooden floor, dimmable lighting and provides a very suitable setting for yoga. The address is 29/31 High Street, Weedon, Aylesbury, Bucks HP22 4NW and you can view the Weedon Old Schoolroom website here - The hall can accommodate up to 12 yoga students.

Weedon Old Schoolroom is located at the widest part of Weedon High Street and has reasonable on-street parking. There is a high raised kerb on the opposite side of the road to the hall.